Is it Kwyjibo or Kwijibo?


I think the name of the trick comes from a reference to the simpsons episode in which Bart is playing scrabble and puts down Kwyjibo, but on the official wiki and on the trick list of this site it is referred to as Kwijibo.

On this site I’ve seen several people refer to it as both, so I’m confused. Is it Kwyjibo or Kwijibo and if it is Kwijibo, why?


I’m pretty sure it is the second one in the title. Although I don’t really know where it came from.

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I think it’s Kwyjibo, from the Simpsons episode. That’s where the word comes from.

Kwyjibo (n.) - A big, dumb, balding North American ape. With no chin and a short temper.


I think the question is…does it matter?

It could be when the yoyo trick was named after Bart’s neologism it was actually spelled the same as the Simpson’s episode. Then somewhere down the line the ‘y’ became an ‘i’.
I’ve seen tutorials that use both spellings.

So even though ‘y’ is technically correct, I’ve grown used to saying ‘i’ that both spellings work.


Not trying to be rude at all.

I just think it’s funny that we’re discussing the proper spelling of a non-word. For which, subsequently an alternate spelling has developed of said non-word. I think we need to push this further and add a regional component. Such as, “I think they only spell it with an i in Australia, some parts of Europe and oddly enough, all of the Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the state of Virginia.”

It’s one of my favorite tricks, though. Mostly because I can do it.


It’s pronounced the same, so it doesn’t really matter :wink:


This is the origin and proper spelling. Q.E.D.


Well, it matters because the spelling of a trick should be consistent in order for people to properly search and find it, for instance, if you search the wiki for kwyjibo you won’t find the trick, but if you search it for kwijibo, you will find it. So while the spelling isn’t too important, it still is important enough to raise an eye brow to.

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Well… if you search for “kwyjibo yoyo” you find the trick. It’s out there. Meh, I just throw it, I don’t spell it.


look it up on the yoyoexpert learn section