IRC Chat, please...


The chat here seems to be very popular… but the format is -awful-.

The biggest problem is that it lags like crazy for most people. (there are other problems, but they’re preference based…)

An IRC based chat would be infinitely better… no lag, better feature set, more flexibility with how you connect. You could use a real irc client if you want, and still keep a java/flash entrance for the board.

You can force people to use their board name as well. Only make the java/flash chat entrance available to those logged in, and have it pick up their name.

Then on the IRC side for those who want to connect directly, set up services and require people to register their name.

So essentially the average user would see no major change in how they chat other than the lag going away, and those of us that use real chat clients would be much more likely to chat consistently. Win/Win.

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Too bad it is out-shined by it’s lagging brother.


I don’t have a lagging problem, but it annoys me that there’s a delay between sending messages. This would be great to have.


That is what server lag does, Apetrunk.


thats a great Idea, this chat seems to lag a lot


No, like I type something then I hit enter and type something else quick and it just sits there so I have to hit it a few times or wait a second. Is this still what you’re talking about?


Yep, that is server lag at its worst.

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IRC +1


IRC +2

I’ve been trying to nag people about this for a while.

Can we go with freenode webchat? Freenode’s the most popular IRC server, you can connect with anything except for mibbit. The embedded chat does not require flash or java. :slight_smile:…&channels=yoyoexpert

“yye…” should probably be replaced with a $POST[‘username’] thing, or a cookie, or whatever this forum uses, so that would fix the username problem. We’d have to lose the Users currently in chat thing though :frowning:


Today I added a channel bot to my channel on vbirc that I linked to earlier. He is now configured to kick people if they use any bad words of my choosing. Now, if only this channel would get more use…


Wouldn’t it be better to not use mibbit? Their chat client is spammed and a bit unstable.

Freenode webchat is faster (no lag), and has some spam and proxy protection.


I never said we have to use mibbit, in fact I don’t use mibbit. What I would love to do is get pjirc or a similar client integrated into this website.

I would also add an Operator bot to #yoyoexpert on freenode but you have that channel registered to you.


I’m just holding on the the channel name for now in case some weird guy steals it (me!). If you want, I’ll transfer the name over to you.