iPod Touch 4g???


Hey everyone are you psyched for the new iPod Touch to come out in September? Well i just want to get some opinions… what do you think they will change about it?.. will there be a camera?.. will the new design look like the iPhone 4, things like that.

In my opinion i think they will completely change the design, i dont think there is going to be a camera, but if there is i think it is gonna be a crappy 3 mp camera, and no i dont think they are gonna make it look iPhone.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

Where did you hear about a new ipod? Steve Jobs said that there will not be a camera for the ipod touch because it is made for “gaming” and thats the reason people buy it. I highly doubt they will redesign and if they do it would most likely be based off the iphone 4.


No , I’m not… I just bought this 3rd gen


I just got a 32g 3rd gen. LOVING IT. I get so much use out of this thing.