iPhone vs Android


Need to gather some data for my Computer Science class.

Would you guys also be as kind as to vote here as well: http://www.wonderpolls.com/74808

BTW: iPhone 5s all the way!


Are you a white girl? Do you want to be ‘unique’? Do you love instagram, filters, and taking pictures of your coffee? How done are you? So done, sooo done, can’t even, or just stop? Then get an iPhone! It’s what all your friends are doing as well as your cousins, parents, peers, and everyone else.

I prefer Android. I’m not the type of person that cares for ‘user friendly’ devices. I like getting into root files and tinkering around with settings.


Just: LOL! ;D


I have an Android, used to have an ios device.

I’m never going back.

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Android. Cross-platform development.


I giggled. :smiley:


iphone, cuz i’ve had an ipod touch for 3 years and everything transfers over easy.


Android is great, it just has one flaw. It’s android.


That like saying what’s the best yoyo


Horrible analogy.


agreed. it’s more like YYF vs CLYW


LOL that mayyy be closer…


lol well still better than the first analogy, at least its comparing two brands not like a thousand lol


Should I make my own thread comparing 2 phones? Or should I just edit this post?


I think both are fine. I got sucked into the iOS ecosystem as a fairly early adopter and I haven’t felt enough of a reason to switch. If I was getting a first smartphone at this point I’d probably get an Android due to the greater hardware variety.


Please explain.


My main beef with iOS devices aren’t the devices themselves… it’s the Apple ecosystem and primarily iTunes. I can’t get along with iTunes, possibly one of the worst pieces of software ever created.

When I want new music or movies on my Android phone, I just copy them over like I would to a thumb drive. Done. Lots of 3rd-party players will play back a variety of formats, so if you prefer ripping your music to OGG Vorbis instead of MP3, there’s an app for that. :wink:

iTunes is just awful.

Garageband for the iPad is neat. They have a few more toddler-friendly games. So we have an iPad mini for the family. But for my carry-around device, Android all the way.


I honestly hate apple phones and really apple on general beside the computers, everything cost money, period. Android is mainly free, popular music and apps are all free. Apple always comes out with one new phone a year and it has one small improvement and everyone goes crazy over it when it just turns out to be flawed all they care about is money and it makes me sick. Androids are great multi taskers and have great features that apple just doesn’t have and androids are insanely customizable, all iPhones have is a wallpaper. Androids have launchers and moving wall papers and icon packs! Its amazing all for a good price and mostly free, I’m never going back to my iPhone and beside a macbook in probably not gonna do anymore business with apple. Did you know it takes only 125 dollars to create one iPhone and apple sells them for 700 unlocked that’s insane and that’s what bothers me. Android are more logical money wise and yes it may seem that the format is confusing but given a day or two its very simple. I rest my case



It does not cost Apple anywhere near $125 to make an iPhone.


analyst’s figure out the costs and its roughly $125 to make one apple iPhone they revenue it through the roof