Internet observations


Does anyone agree with me that YouTube has a ton more hate in their comments than on the forums? It seems like everyone here is nice, but then on YouTube there’s just a ton of hate. Oh, and idk if I put this in the right section. I guess it has to do with yoyos.



Just kiddin’. Yeah, it seems like yoyoers are more… jerkish on YouTube.


Youtube collects trolls. Trolls like to hate. This is why I stay as far away from Youtub as possible.


Seems like the yoyoers on Youtube have nothing good to say, know nothing about yoyos or yoyoing, and just hate a lot and give wrong advice.


Andre is on youtube :-\

Youtube is full of little kids and is slowly falling apart. You need a cellphone to get an account apparently…>:D


Lol in Internet arguments on the forums… “That’s it! Let’s take this to YouTube!”


Is on, but doesn’t really have an account or do anything.


Most of the hate comments are on youtube because 99.9999% of the people on youtube are not yoyoers. If they do that here (where 100% are yoyoers), people are going to be standing against them instead of backing them up. They’re just trying to fit in with a crowd.

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I don’t know, after my internet observations I came up with Chuck Norris, shoop-da-woop, and Fails…

no, but seriously. Trolls and haters, nuff said.


Well if i could talk freely on the forum it would be different. I love to troll youtube!


And Youtube removes a lot of the awesome stuff due to copyrights issues!! Is this trolling as well? D:

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No it’s just youtube not caring about it’s viewers


Me too! The only reason you don’t see a ton of negative stuff on YYE and other forums is 'cause you’ll get banned. On Youtube you can say anything though, so, it’s like a troll’s paradise!

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no jump, there is a websight built for trolls. i dont want to post it /b/ut i do leave a sign.

anyways, most youtubers that say stupid stuff, i just reply, “you dun goofed” and then they think of me as one of their own and stop.


omg when that vid had like 30 views my friend irem she got into a fight with that girl than she had the breakdown on camera . haha me her and this girl allie and kaitlyn were trolling her hard!!!


the only good youtube vids on youtube about yoyoing is andre boulay’s expertvillage tutorials.


Completely opinionated.
Your Future’s With Us, Golden Age, Learning to Fly, and basically everything in my favorites are “good” about yoyoing.

Then again, that is opinionated as well.