Internet Browers


I have IE and Safari and I want to see what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Tell me why you voted for that one!


Internet Explorer works great and comes with Windows operating systems.

(JayVee) #3

I personally like Firefox more than any other browser. It loads more web pages faster than Internet Explorer and its interface is much more user-friendly in my opinion. Plus, there’s better apps and frequent security updates.

(Johnny T) #4

I have Firefox and Safari. But I mostly like using Firefox more cause the fox is on fire. Lol. :wink:

(JM) #5

FireFox!! Open-source FTW!

(JonasK) #6

In comparison to other internet browsers, Internet explorer is not that good.

Firefox is the safest, but Safari might prove to be a bit faster, but not a noticeable difference in speed. If you already have a mac, I don’t think there’s a huge need to install firefox on your computer. But if you are using Internet Explorer, change to Firefox.

(JM) #7

IE isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be, especially from a security standpoint. Interestngly enough, if you’re running a 64-Bit system IE actually runs smoother than FireFox. Problem is that Adobe hasn’t released 64-Bit Flash support.


I’m using Safari on my PC.


Firefox FTW.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

Google Chrome!

(JonasK) #11

Ah Chrome.

I really like Chrome. I know that Firefox is safer than Chrome, but I find the interface in Chrome to be a lot better IMO. And Chrome also opens for some tab-juggling, which is kinda like hubstacks, fun, but you don’t use it all the time.


safari FTW!!! wooo! lol im on a mac, plus i hate windows! down with windows!


Verizon Yahoo!

(JM) #14

All in due time my friends, all in due time. Cough Linux Cough

(Jesse) #15

Safari is okay, but I like Firefox better.


google chrome


It has a lot more space, because there is hardly any interface.

Tab juggling is fun like Pheenix pointed out.

It recognizes search engines. Just type in a URL, and press tab, and it will search the website using the search engine that comes with the website. Hard to explain, but its not Ctrl+F.

Its Very fast.

I think its probably faster than Firefox.

You can make your own themes!

Unfortunately, its not compatible with some websites, such as


Google Chrome is not compatible with any .org sites.


What do you mean, when you say Chrome is not compatible with .org sites like, it works fine for me. What should be the problem?

(Johnny T) #20

HAHA!!! You know what guys? I use Netscape!!! Just Kidding…I use Firefox.

Firefox owns!!!