insomnia thread.


can’t sleep, its 5:35 am right now.


Right there with you man.


just here cruising most of the yoyo websites…
I wish I was able to win the monthly swag stuff from hsyy, and its sad to read what happend within Dr. yoyo’s family, my heart goes out to you good sir.


Again, right there with you. Yo-yo cruising, throwing my new wonderful Battosai, and feeling bad for DrYoYo. It’s tough enough losing a loved one, but to lose them during the holidays? Brutal.

I meant to enter the HSYY contest, but just got distracted and never got around to it. That was a sweet prize, though!

There should be more contests. I might do one, myself.


well I just whacked myself in the face with my gorylla so I’m going to give that sleeping thing another shot, night shaun hope you get some z’s.

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5.35 am? You should be waking up! Rise and shine! lol


7:02 and I’m bearly getting sleepy. going to try to sleep again.


Oh snap!

I just looked up insomnia and realized it describes me perfectly…


I guess I’m going to join this thread now…


Me too… just lie in bed with a pair of headphones on… and wait… for awhile… and awhile longer. Meanwhile, call your doctor.


well its 5:52 am right now, and im listening to Pandora radio on my phone while I type this post up. so how was everyone’s holiday?


I have the worst sore throat…


2 cups water and about a 1 tbsp of salt, garggle for 30 seconds and spit it out, its a good antiseptic do it till the glass is empty, but you dont have to do it in one sitting cause that stuff tastes nasty. just once or twice per couple of hours.

(Cinimod105) #13

Did I hear ‘nasty’? It actually tastes quite nice! ;D It would take a heavy toll on your kidney, though.


lol I got a shiver when you said it tastes nice, but you sir have different tastes then I do. I like non salty and spicy, and all that salt makes me want up gag.


still awake. my sleep schedule is insane. i think i’ll have a drink. maybe that will make me sleepy!

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what kind? and I must say true lies is on right now on tbs, real good movie.

(Cinimod105) #18

Ah, you can try this! ;D


hah, that’s not the kind of drink i was thinking of…but thanks :slight_smile:

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Yeh. Not really insomnia. But still, a bit late to just be up on a weeknight.