I'm thinking of a yoyo... Part two

(Q) #1

Alright guys, I won the last season of this, so now it’s my turn.

1: Each person may only guess one time. After I’ve given a clue, everyone gets a clean slate, and you may guess again.
2: Please don’t get off topic by talking about yoyos. Just make your guess and move on.
3: If no one gets it by this coming Friday, I’ll give one clue as to what the yoyo is. I’f one more week passes, I’ll give one more hint, and so on. (New season, so I will give you a guess when I feel you deserve one!)
4: If the correct yoyo is said, I’ll anounce the winner in the thread as soon as I see it.


Wow, didn’t think you’d have it up this fast. Good work!

Is it the YWET?


cherry bomb by team losi :smiley:


Anti-Yo Fluchs?


I’ll guess TK RD-1.


IKYO Agape


gung fu

(Kei) #8


(K.O.P.O.) #9


(Q) #10

Nobodies guessing from different styles?


dont we get a start up clue?

(Q) #12

Excellent point.

It’s a yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:


YYJ Fiesta


kamui offstring


SCHWEET TNX MAN!!! is it the… henreys lizard?

(Q) #16

I gave you your clue!
Better’n nothing!

(Kei) #17

Hmmm its a yoyo. So… that eliminates nothing. GREAT HINT :P. JK lol

No jive

(K.O.P.O.) #18




(Q) #20

Next hint.

Not a duncan!