Im sad to say this

(Chase Baxter) #1

I have to get off these forums and site :frowning: i have a bad buying problem that needs to stop asap. Ok, see ya :frowning: :’(


Oh, that’s sad. So you’re deleting your account? And what could a buying problem have to do with deleting your account?

(SR) #3

Why would you delete your account? Stay on here, just quit buying. PLEASE? It has nothing to do with forums.


Im always sad to see another yoyer leaving.You could contact andre if you bought from here and he would fix it.Andres a nice guy.Im sorry to see you leave.I’d try to convince you to stay but you seem like your mind is made up.i hope if you leave the forums then you atleast dont quit yoyoing becuase you could be the next Tyler severance or miggy,But i think i speak on more than half of us here if not all of us when i say You Will Be Missed.


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good news, my moms not making me delete it, but my parents just arent buying for me, but at worlds adn ohio states im probaly getting some


SWEET!And um if moneys what you need you should either try to babysit (depending on your age),Try t find bottles and cans and return them(i get tons of money that way). Or sell some stuff you never use anymore.


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i actually have a job at my family business, but i have been sick for 6 months straight so its a little hard to work


Oh, im sorry to hear that and i hope you get better.As for your current situation yes i would get yos from worlds and other contests.


P.s If i can help you with anything please dont hesitate to pm me.I know that it can be hard to get through being sick.I had pnemonia for a couple months and it sucked but i had many people there for me.Also i shattered my hip a year ago and im still ongoing with surgery.I know what your going through and like i said before if there is anything i can do please dont hesitate to pm me.

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thank goodness ur not leaving you could just get a refund or something from andre like yoyo lunatic said