im new and curious about progress speeds.


I have been yoyoing for two weks now and was curious how fast everyone progressed. i have just finished all of the intermediate section tricks and am moving on to the advanced.

I am not interested in becoming the next yoyo pro but am trying to enjoy myself. is this good progress and what was your progress? (i.e. how long did it take you to get through each section according to this site)


Well I didn’t know about this site until what would have been Advanced 2 and that was in about 3 months so I would say you are coming along wonderfully.


Yes. It is very good progress! Congrats! Welcome to YoYoExpert. My progression, well, I started in January, and I am all over the place. I can almost do Masters, then I can’t do Boing-E-Boing. I’m everywhere, mostly making up my own tricks. Which yoyo do you have?

(JM) #4

Welcome to YoYoExpert!

That is amazing progress, I must say!

I’m about the same here. I can land Black Hops on a really good day after I eat my Wheaties, but Boing-E-Boing is still a pain.


Yeah I can basically dominate Boingy Boing (ha ok maybe I can do it but that’s about it) but I can’t even get the first part of Black Hops but I can do several Master tricks.


lol i am faster its my first week and i reached advance 1 (the zipper)
cant do any tricks until i get my DM cos my yoyo sucks
nice job you got there and welcome to yoyoexpert ;D

(Shisaki) #7

Been yoying for 4months if you take out the month that I took a break of my legacy…i just realized that :P. I jump around everywhere. I made my own faster-ish version of triangle laceration (at least I think so) but yet i cant do pop the clutch (unresponsive yoyo lol).

(Waylon) #8

your progress all depends on how much you throw and how often. it also depends on whether you want to just land a trick once and tell yourself you’ve mastered it or if you truly want to master it.


It really depends on how much you play. I personally got to Plan D, Yuuki Slack and Ladder escape in 5 months. Going to Advanced in 2 weeks is excellent progress.

P.S. Don’t be discouraged if your progress turns out to be slower than me. This applies to everyone.