Im moving!!!


Hi guys and gals,my parents are redoing my house so we could move! We have just began painting the stairs and thats the last thing to do! ;D We are planning to move to the Northhamptonish area. Im going to miss my friends and my neighbors cat Sprinky. (The cat likes us more) Ill need more friends! My parents are trying to move their by the middle of the summer. Who wants to be my friend(s)?


ummm wow ive, ive never had a friend before crys :’( :’(

lol Wow Hamptons Ritzy unfortunately im not that lucky to live by you hmmm but i could be a online friend :smiley:


I wanna be good friends!!! ;D But do you really have no friends?


no i really do have friends lol high school would be boring without them


Good,but there is one problem Im still in Elementary school… :o


hmmm well ummm do your homework and stuff and umm respect your elders ??? ???

its what my elementary school teachers would teach me


Ill try…