I'm leaving you


Hey guys. Just wanted to let everybody know that tomorrow I am leaving for Boston to hang out with my brother for a week so I won’t be on much, but I will still occassionally be able to check up. I know you all are going to miss me and the forum just won’t work without me, but I think you’ll be just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:



Happy Throwing! =]



Just kidding!

Have fun in Boston! Don’t forget about us :slight_smile:

Tell your brother we said Hi :stuck_out_tongue:



Bye :’(

Thanks for telling us :wink:

Don’t stop yoyoing ;D Or else… ;D ;D


Ha I got here and started doing some loops, and when I was getting off the plane the stewardess asked if I was really a yoyo expert (I had my yoyoexpert.com shirt on) so that was cool. Wait, who’s Samad? I don’t think I remember him. :wink:

The flight also went very well, and it was fun because some kids about 10 or so years old sat by me on the plane going to Memphis and then behind me from there to Boston so we talked and messed around so that was fun. Ha they brought some lunchables and they took the turkey circle things and found out that you can use it like a suction cup against the back of the seats and so they kind of put some of of those on the trays and closed them =P but yeah it was plenty of fun.


I have no idea.

(Jei Cheetah) #7

We will miss you!

Haha, when I saw the title, I was expecting somebody to be leaving YYE for good and I was could not think of why.

See you later!



Have fun!

Boston is an awsome place…but only in thw winter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t wait to see you this Saturday or Sunday! We have to meet up at Higby’s performance.


Right, when it’s really really cold right? Oh wait, that’s year-round :stuck_out_tongue:

1-3 between Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, where the big crowd will be, on Sunday? I might be able to do that. What exactly will we be doing there? We should try to get there a bit early too.


Bye Apetrunk even though you are already gone! Man I wish someone like Apetrunk or Samad would come to Greenville, SC or Easley, SC. But those are small towns, sort of. Greenville is big, but not big enough to vacation in. Lol.


Did I just get compared to Samad? :o 8) :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, my time here in Boston has been fun but my time of departure is near to arrive so I will inform those who care how the travel between destinations goes.


Good luck!

Hope you have a safe trip home. :slight_smile: