Im going crazy!

(Mitch) #1

Well today I picked up my check from work and like always I asked my mom if today could be the day I bought my first metal… And she said YES!!! Im like aww… What!!! She said I need to start saving when school starts so I can go crazy with the last week or two of summer…

So I bought a G5… (Did you see the aqua g5 count go from 10 to 9? That was me!)

So now Im like just in utter anticipation… This will be my first metal, first YYF, first stacked yoyo and first yoyo over $100… I am just freaking out… Im trying to decide if I should throw it first or pull start it first…

What do you guys think about the G5?


Ha wow. Sounds like a good day for you.

I’ve never tried or even seen a G5 so I don’t know how it is.


Pull start it! Thats what ima do when i get my first yo with stacks lol


Make sure the string is attachted first :smiley:

When I got my G5 the string wasn’t attached for some reason so I threw it and got all dinged :wink:

Pull start, embrace the stacks.


How old are you and what job? I want an 888.

(Mitch) #6

I’ll be 17 in November and I work at Taco Bell… (Mostly the register but I can do every thing… ((Volcano Nachos minus beans are just amazing)))

Speaking of 888 some one’s total tonight came out to be $8.88… No joke…

AND some one wore a One Drop shirt… I was like

“Sweet you throw One Drop?”


“Your shirt has the One Drop logo on it…”

“Oh, I got this from my cousin when I went to Arkansas…”

Me= :(…


((Volcano Nachos minus beans are just amazing :o :o :o :o :o, words cannot describe the way they taste!!! :-X :-X :-X :-X)))


(Mitch) #8

Lol… I know right?


G5 is amazing. The only things I didn’t like about is that it doesn’t grind well and the z-stacks make a lot of noise. But other then that it does everything better then my DNA.

(Jesse) #10

Pull start it, and as long as the string is attached, after you pull start it let it go and sleep at the end of the string. Pop it up and catch the Z-Stacks, then you’ll know how amazingly awesome it is.

(Mitch) #11

Im going to pull start it…

My luck the string wont be attached… I can do 4A barrel rolls lol

(Jesse) #12

What if you drop it somehow accidentally doing barrel rolls? You don’t want to take that kind of chance…Lol

(Mitch) #13

I’ll make sure Im over carpet… Man… I hope its here tomorrow… That would be awesome to come home from band practice and have it in the mail box


I don’t like the G5 a whole lot. Its too narrow for its size, IMO, so I ended up trading the same G5 twice! Haha.

(Mitch) #15

What did you trade it for?

What did you trade for it?

What did you trade it for?