I'm FINALLY back!

(SR) #1

I took a trip to Denver and Las Vegas for a few days, and just couldn’t wait to get back here. I at went to The Wizards Chest in Denver and picked up an X-ConVict. The feel of that thing is awesome. Anyways, just got back last night. It’s good to cure my YYE withdrawl. ;D And I see we have some new members, which is pretty cool. I see we had some contests, WHICH I MISSED. :’( :frowning: >:( The splashed hectic is awesome too. Well, its good to be back! :wink: 8)


Welcome back! To bad you didn’t get to go to yoyo club it was awsome!!!

(Mark) #3

Welcome back SR!


Welcome back! ;D

(SR) #5

Yeah, the guy who worked there told me there were some classes on Sunday, “taught by a world champion.” I thought, “Oh shoot I missed it.” We left to go water rafting about the time of the classes. Oh well.


Hey, hows the X-ConVict working? Did you go to the casinos? :stuck_out_tongue:

(SR) #7

The X-ConVict works amazing. Amazing feel. I got the last one they had. And I got to touch and hold their pink meteor. No, I did not go in the casino’s. But I went down the strip and stayed a block from it.


What color X-ConVict?

(SR) #9

Lime green. It says on the caps “Silverscreen Edtion” so I thiink I got a special edtipon. Looks like normal xconvicts though.


Oh! Nice! I like the lime greens too. Their on the page here. It might be…