im bored and my head is bleeding


im bored and my head is bleeding

(M²) #2

Yeah, i hate it when that happens.


And the point of this topic is…

If you’re bored and feel like posting random things, feel free to do so, but please use the “How High Can We Go?” thread. Thanks. :wink:

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This is true. Turns out, the “How High Can We Go” actually serves a purpose. Maybe it should be stickied.

(Q) #5

I very much enjoy the fact that nobody replies with "OMG are you okay?

(Shisaki) #6

0MG13Z!! 4R3Z Y0U 0K4YZZZ???

(Raphael) #7

oh that happened to me once, good thing i planted a tactical insertion, and respawned behind the guy :stuck_out_tongue:

(Q) #8


That made my day


haha do u have live whats ur gt mine is jdmdeez

(Raphael) #10

PS3 sorry

(LookAYoYo) #11

SOY El Sr Gato. i love doing that.