I'm an Idiot


So, today I went to a yoyo club (YAY) and I just walked in and kinda started. The store worker guy notice I was new of the other 2 people and greeted me. Ok fastforward a bit-------------------------------

Then after the magical ponie ate the snowdancing monkey on a unicycle eating a oversized orange He noticed my G5 by YYF. So he had his 888 by YYF (This is where it’s actuly interesting) and let my throw it for a bit. This is when I died. This thing is heaven spinning at hyperspeed on a string. The weight is amazing for whips and Lacerations and I did everyt trick I know it it feels amazing. I really dont know why I posted this saying that now I regret getting G5 over 888… I’m an Idiot.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

I have a Aqua 08 888 and you can’t have it! EVER! Well mabye in the future but not right now!

I would trade my Lyn Fury for it! Lol!



Lol, I felt the same way. G5’s werent my thing. 888 werent Connor’s thing, so we traded.


What shape is that G5 in? Mint? Near-mint?

I have a near-mint '09 Aqua 888.



Few dings, No play problems, just if you look at the rim, If your interested I can try to get some pics, PM if interested