Illuminated Submission?


I can’t believe this is still an issue being argued.

I, like everyone else, said my piece on this when it happened. Apparently, it’s not over just yet. I’m still just angered beyond words about this.

First off, a video game company and a toy company decide to license the same sound bank, so two products give the same “message” to the youth. It happens. Get over it. This is not the Islamic conspiracy hard at work. You tin-foil hat wearing nutjobs.

Second, this woman would have heard whatever she needed to garner media attention. Simple as that. It’s evidentally lonely being a housewife in good 'ole Indiana. Tough. Get over it. This isn’t news.

Now, let’s play a game. Let’s say that the DS game and the doll were actually saying “Islam is the Light” deliberately. Wow! Such a powerful message of hate! Right? Obviously. We all know that “Islam is the Light” is just one step away from “kill your parents, kick the cat, and destroy America.”

Of course we do.

Not to mention the fact that there’s no message here. These toys are no more saying “Islam is the Light” than a Black Sabbath record played backwards is telling you to “go to church and do your chores.”

How about “Christianity is the Light?” Still offended and fearful for the children?

But what if it is just a big conspiracy and I’m wrong? Now we’re in trouble. Real trouble. Because everyone knows that a handful of terrorists and religious zealots represent the whole of Islam! Just like the Crusades represented the whole of Christianity! Surely we’re all doomed. How could I be so stupid as to not see the signs when they’re right under my nose!  ::slight_smile:

Perhaps we should be going after the yo-yo companies while we’re at it? Surely there’s some evil stuff going on there. Heck, I don’t even have to stretch to find the corrupting and evil messages in our hobby! No talking dolls or heavy metal music here! I have a yo-yo that says “Dark Magic” right on the sides! Written in plain English!

Uh, oh! I’ve got another one here with the “all-seeing eye” on it! Surely the Illuminati has already taken control of the children!

Geez, these people irk me in a way I can’t even describe…


And I’m a Republican. Go figure.


Good Point- Very random- But nice!



People can find anything if they look for it, like the Paul McCarteny is dead theory.
Oh my God! Hes not wearing shoes!!

I completely agree with you with this:

How can people be that ignorant?

Sorry guys, I’m a terrorist. I’ll leave you alone now.


I knew it! KNEW IT, mind you!

Finally you confess!

This whole thing, the news story, my “anger” about it, my opening post, all just a ruse! A cunning trick to solicit your confession!

ahem clears throat

So, who’ve you been terrorizing? Anyone I know?


Meh, nothing big, just some unicorns, gorillas, the usual.

(Jeromy K.) #6

What a fun and awarding life style the people that look for thies kind of things. LOL If you look hard enough you will find evil every where. So the moral of the story sell all that you have and move deep into the woods and make bombs I mean nice wood carvings. Life is too short to worrie about every one that is out to get you like Samad :o


I’m not sure I believe the unicorn thing, as I’m almost 100% sure I hunted them to extinction a few years back. It’s possible I didn’t, but I doubt it.

You, uh, lookin’ to buy some horn?


Nah, no horn form me. Actually in search of dragon scale, but I dont have time to search the mountains.

You would think that the unicorns are extinct. However, the COEC (committee of extinct creatures) has taken it upon me to breed them. I actually have several being shipped to Djibouti right now. What a world we live in, huh?

Also, if you have that dragon scale, PM me. I might be interested

(Mark) #9

What type of Dragon scale? They are different per each species. Take for example the Chinese Lung is spikier and pointed while the Wyvern is rounded. XD

(Jeromy K.) #10

I like the deep cave style they are see through too cool, also they fit in your pocket!!!


When and how did you get your Pyro?
And congrats?