I'll take "Things I Forgot I had" for 1000 Alex...


Found these in my basement while looking for something else. Seems there might be a lot of memories down there…


Couple more. The annoying thing is I didn’t find what I was looking for - a yellow and black Element X Player Edition that I used to win the old people’s sport ladder at 2005 Nationals.


Nice. I think I have some of those Roadsters kicking around in a box somewhere.


Shame there was never a Roadster GT


It was a little slow-moving for anything besides looping anyway. Very different feel though, with the large control edge and light weight.


That X-ray Bumble Bee might be able to fetch a pretty penny on eBay.


Is there anything special about it versus other X-Ray bees? For lots of special edition Proyo stuff, the only thing to differentiate it from much more common models is just the pogs. Not trying to say it’s not worth something, just legitimately curious. I know some colors were produced in smaller numbers than others but I’m not familiar if there are specific colors or different pogs for X-Rays that make one more sought after than another.

In my efforts to complete my personal collection of Playmaxx wants I have wound up with so many obscure things that I’ve never even seen anywhere else. I really ought to fire some of them on eBay. Despite Playmaxx being the only thing I have any desire to collect any more, I’m sure someone else would get a lot more enjoyment out of a bunch of the ones that I have than I do.


If you come across any ace rims you’d be willing to part with (the rubber things that popped on in multiple positions), I desperately want them. I made the massive mistake of selling the ones I had when I was in college and short on cash… I know there were only a few sets to begin with.

I’ve been very slowly piecing back together my playmaxx/proyo collection… it’s rather hard to do these days, most of the really cool stuff is owned by a small handful of people who either won’t sell, or want insane prices.



Any extra Nucleuses in one of your boxes?


I wish I still had a Nucleus, one of my favorites for sure. I did find a one-of-a-kind last weekend, a purple Stunt Pilot with ASG. I know it was the only one made, because I asked Tom to make it for my wife, and AFAIK it’s never been throw.