ihateNecro Inapropriate Pictures!

(Johnny T) #1

I demand ihateNecro to remove his profile pictures. It’s against the YYE rules.





I don’t see a picture there.


Me neither. Logan’s link doesn’t have a profile, and Johnny T’s doesn’t have a picture.


Well, I think the picture has been removed.


Okay… but what did he have?

A YYE logo with an X through it?

A YYN forever logo?


Yes I’m curious. PM me maybe?

(JonasK) #8

It’s not even there anymore, I don’t think we need to know the exact details. Just that it was inappropriate and now removed is more than enough info.


Nothing like that. They were sexually inappropriate pictures, much more serious then a YYN logo.


Yeah, a YYN logo wouldn’t be enough to…delete all his posts and remove his profile picture.

(Johnny T) #11

Right now. I think Andre banned him. He did have them yesturday. The forum is safe at last. :smiley:


Oh, okay.

Thank you Samad. :wink: