If you had your own country....


How would your country be run? My main laws would be:

No stealing. (Go to jail. For every $100 worth of property you steal, that’s one year added to your sentence)

No lying or fraud. (Go to jail for 5 years)

No attacking any other citizens (8 years in prison)

No raping, or anything similar (15 years in prison)

You must be a registered citizen and be an adult to own a firearm, and you need a special permit to conceal carry any firearm.

If you are under 2, you’re a baby, if you’re over 2 and under 13, you’re a child, 13 to 20 is a young man/woman. Over 20, you are legally an adult. Over 52, you’re a senior. You can legally obtain your drivers’ license at 15, and your pilot’s license at 15.

My country would be a democracy, with every adult able to vote. The Prime Minister would be the head of the country, and he would require a majority vote to become Prime Minister for 2 years. You can be Prime Minister as many times as you get a majority vote. As Prime Minister, you can stop any law from passing, and any bills you write will get top priority by voters. The House is a collection of citizens, 20 from each city, town, or village. The House and the Prime Minister must agree on a bill before it becomes a law. The House makes its decisions by a majority vote. Men and women have exactly the same rights.

I’ll be adding more laws and things as I revise my post and learn more about government and running a country.

Now post your ideal country!

(M²) #2

I think i’d just let someone else do it.


i would have a far off island all to my self, called zomeland
no need for laws

edit: maybe just me and my girlfriend


I would establish a dictatorship and assume the position of the bloodthirsty figurehead and let my heartless henchmen deal with all the legal issues.


Add some anarchy to it. There. ;D



(yoyo jake) #7

ill be hitler jr