If you had to choose,Blizzard or Black Bip Bop?

So I’m getting the AC2 on friday and I’m having trouble figuring out what anno to get I’m down to Blizzard or Black Bip Bop , what would you choose for the color purpose only forget about bbb being collectable , what do you think looks nicer sorry this is a stupid post just need help thanks in advance

BBB. If you ever realize you don’t like the throw you can sell it for ridiculous amounts of money… or women.

hahaha i like the thought process

I agree with everything but the last part…

Depending on where you go.


BBB is cooler looking IMHO

While I love them both, and they are equally awesome, go BBB. It still looks awesome and you can sell it for a crap load of money.

I would be sort of surprised if the BBB is part of the standard release on Friday.

It is.

Bip Bops are so offensively priced that i’d never get one unless it was a Fool’s Gold, so the other one.

do you think the bbb ac2 will be way more than normal?

for sure.

Not the best looking BBB CLYW has done, IMO. The Blizzard on the AC2s, however, looks better than it ever has. And yeah, with the higher price of the BBB, my vote is on Blizzard.

the blizzard has changed it used to be blue and white speckle now its like a really nice blackish with bronze and white speckle

Exactly my thoughts. This BBB seems a bit more splotchy and less ‘speckleish’. A bit less refined, even though refined isn’t the best word to describe a speckle/splash of this type.

But, knowing CLYW, a BBB first run AC2 will likely fetch high prices on the secondary market in the future.

ill probably get the blizzard then its really nice

Probably $50 or so more expensive, which i find ridiculous.

yea thats crazy like i understand 10 or 20 but 50 is way too much

Yea its 190 thats ridiculous