If you could only freestyle to one song forever...


what song would it be?

DMX I choose you!



Indestructible by Disturbed is my favorite song as of now, so I guess that then. :slight_smile:


Though the fire and the flames

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #4

run dmc its like that


forever young


Oh that’s awesomee!!!

For me, love and joy by yuki kimura
starry sky yeah! remix
Popteen by Domino
Super Honeymoon by Owl City (what’s this doing here??)


I said one :wink:

(DOGS) #8



Behind Closed Doors - Rise Against


Tie Me Down - New Boyz.


Behind Closed Doors by Rise Against

Starry Sky YEAH! Remix


Memory by Sugarcult

with The Hell Song by Sum 41 for good measures.


One Shot 2 Shot by Eminem.
You’re a Jerk by The New Boyz.
I’m On a Boat by The Lonely Island.


seventeen years ratatat. :slight_smile: i love that song.




Right now, Drink N’ My 2 Step. Tyler Severance used it at his winning 5A performance at the BAC 2010, and he looks so good!