If you are really a true Yo-yoer...


Answer these couple of questions! :D, Yeah it’s a wierd thing that come up to my mind.

If the first person to answer these questions all correctly, Sorry, My reward is only to click the “Thank You” button :D.

This is just for fun, Its a quiz, If you really know all bout yoyoing. :wink:

(If you think?, I really know also the answers, Just for fun only! ;))

Okay lets get started! XD

1.) The owner/founder of YoYoJam.

2.) CEO and (Co) Founder of YoYoNation.

3.)" _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ " Is the name of a mod that involves adding an additional bearing to a yo-yo to widen it’s gap.

4.) Invented the Trick “Gyroscopic Flop”.

5.) Inventor of 5A or what we call “Freehand” & “Counterweight” yo-yoing.

6.) Inventor of the tricks “White Buddha” & “Green Triangle” and so many more.

7.) 2A player who was 1st in worlds from 2002-2007 Then 2nd in 2008, Then came back 1st in 2009.

8.) Invented the “Fake binds”.

9.) Owner of G-String.

10.) Owner (And Founder) of the Company HSPIN.

Easy right? :smiley:

Remember, For fun only! :smiley:

  1. Dale Bell

  2. Pat Cuartero

  3. Beefcake

  4. DocPop

  5. Steve Brown

  6. Paul Escolar

  7. Shinji Saito

  8. Josh Yee

  9. Paul Wallace

  10. Chris K.