Identity Theft

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I am just curious and I want to share this all with you guys, in hopes that it doesn’t happen to you.

I am a fairly advanced computer user, I make many transactions online utilizing my Credit/Debit card. I was notified yesterday (March 24, 2010) that someone had fraudulently used my card to make a transaction by way of Thai Airways to buy a Web Ticket to Bangkok for $412.19. Now I have gotten everything under control, I have still no idea where or when this person got a hold of my card number. I figured I would post this because:

  1. A lot of children or minors use this site and it DOES support International users. As such a lot of kids don’t know that things like this can happen.

  2. I doubt the problem originated from this site, but I don’t know anyone in Thailand, or anywhere outside of the US to be completely honest, considering this is the only site that I frequent that houses international users I figure it could be beneficial to notify the community in case some scumbag may have gotten a couple of you guys too by sheer coincidence.

So, if this has happened to you at all, especially recently please post a reply, maybe we can help others.

EDIT: I am in NO WAY implicating YYE as being the origin of this, I am just trying to help people be aware.


We actually had the same thing happen a few weeks back. All mainland charges though.
No R.A.T.'S/worms in the computer. No missing mail. No unencrypted transactions.
I think is has something to do with attacks on either internat cisco routers, or the servers at the bureaus where they store credit info.
I dunno. Fortunatly there is little to no benefit to being me anyway.


I just had the same thing happen. Found out this morning, but the bank caught them before anything was taken.


Well how did they get the information? Or do you guys have no clue? :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt they tracked it back to the router, since the site only lets your account view ip’s of your posts.


In my case, I’m not sure, I don’t do much online purchasing. The only thing I can figure is maybe I some sort of tracking cookie.

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This is serious, the same thing happened to my family. :frowning:

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This is why PayPal and these anonymous cards (the ones you buy with a set amount of money on them) are the way to go online. The internet is some scary stuff.


Happen to me too…at first I doubted it was from any yoyo forum, but this makes me reconsider. I wonder if this could be the same guy… Hope the police catches him.

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I notice that this guy(s) happen to be using our cards for travel. Intresting…


In most credit card cases, is the money returned even if the theft is caught?

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Yes, you just have to fill out a fraud form for your bank and then they’re lawyers take care of it and they delete the transaction and re-issue you a new card. It isn’t too big of a deal unless you don’t catch it and have the knowledge of what to do when and if it does.

In case any of you are wondering the name of the “Passenger” whom is to fly to Bangkok at my expense is “Maribel Calaunan Cuaresma” I know it is a long shot but maybe we are all being targeted by the same person. Anywho, I should be good to go by Monday so hopefully everything will be fine again, oh and also, any other victims should probably go through and update your passwords, who knows what information these people have.


How many of you that got hit has a Capital One card?


My parents got like a 300 dollar transaction from “” a week ago haha. We got it settled, and now we are ok. It was my moms old credit card.


To get things off the internet, I use prepaid disposable credit cards… Saves this ordeal.

Consider doing it yourselves… :wink:

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Yeah it saves on this ordeal but causes another, you gotta go out and get a new card to make purchases and then there is the matter of refilling it, the whole idea behind internet transactions are the simplicity of it. I am glad to hear this works for you however, I pay all of my bills online as well as ordering things, therefore this idea just makes my life that much more complicated, the whole thing isn’t too big of a deal considering it was caught and the problem resolved. I appreciate the reply however I do not think that will help me out, thanks.


Identity theft vs. Picking a card up at Wal-mart.

Hmmmmm… now that IS a hard choice, lol. Just pick up some other things you need and pick one up when you go shopping. You can wait a while.

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Way to contribute absolutely nothing to the thread, try again when you have thought of something, thanks!


I could say quite the same.

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Eagle, shut up.
At least D4rk chose to bring the problem to the rest of the forums attention.
And you should be thanking him instead of just making derogatory comments towards how he chooses to pay his bills over the internet.

Now let’s go back to first grade:

“If you can’t say anything nice, __ ___ ________ __ ___”
Fill in the blanks guys


Don’t say anything at all!
do i get a golden star?!