I will be gone for a while...

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Hey guys.

Starting tuesday, I will not be posting here for a while.

Recently, I had to get an MRI of my brain, and unfortunately, they found a tumor :frowning:

They say that it should be pretty easy to remove and that it is not cancerous thank god.

But I do have to go get surgery and will have to recover at the hospital for a bit, after that I will be back home but am not allowed to do much for a few weeks.

This is my very first surgery so as you can imagine, I am quite nervous.

But the sooner they remove it, the better as its pressing on my optic nerve so my sight is not the best right now.

So yeah, this tuesday, if you pray, pray for me, or you can wish me luck! :slight_smile:



I wish the best of luck to you.

When I read the word tumor, my jaw dropped. :frowning:


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I hope it all goes well.

I’ll pray for you on Tuesday.

(Ryan) #4

may god bless you. and good luck!!!


Yeah. I just though, wow. Hope everything gets better.

(_|@<06) #6

Me too.

May God bless you on your surgery! I’ll be praying for you!


Good luck Jayyo!!!
I hope everything turns out ok! ;D


I will be thinking and praying for you, and may you recover quickly.



We’ll miss you! Make a Vlog and tell us how you’re doing.


Hope it goes well Jayyo! Everyone here at YoYoExpert is pulling for ya’ man!

(Johnny T) #11

Yea!! Hope you dont get too nervous! Anyways good luck! Hope it goes successfully!

(Waylon) #12

i’m sure all of our thoughts will be with you. i hope it goes well.

(Jeromy K.) #13

I’ll be praying for you.


Remember, don’t strain or get ahead of yourself! lD


Good luck Jayyo, hope that nothing goes wrong :frowning: When do you think you’ll be back? :frowning:

(Shisaki) #16

As long as it takes him :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mitch) #17

Good Luck Jay! We’ll miss your posts for the next few days!

Make sure you take a yoyo to pass time in recovery!

Maybe thats not such a great idea, but I bet little kids would love it!


i had some thing on my heard and thay made surgery to remove it but i don’t think it was tumor
thay removed about 1x1 inch from my head skin :-
but it didn’t heart so much ;D
so don’t be nervous it’s not a big deal
الله يشفيك
there i prayed for you in arabic to :wink:


I’ll pray for you 2AMaster in Wednesday!

(Because we are ahead of North America just a day.)

(Mark) #20

Best wishes my friend! Recover quick! :stuck_out_tongue: