i was hit by a car again ! :D


here  ;D ;D

(M²) #2

you should really be more careful when crossing the road lol
It seems too sudden, most people realize a second before they get hit that they’ll get hit. And when you did get hit it seemed like you didn’t care…


who said i should care :smiley: :smiley: ;D

(Q) #4

“OH NO! I’m aboyut to get hit by a car, what do I do? LEAN INTO IT QUICK!”

(Kei) #5

Wow! AMAZING GRAPHICS. So i noticed something. I you pause right when you get hit by the car, half of the car goes away.


I paused it as he got hit and the entire car went away ???

(Thomas) #7

Dude that is wrong maybe on a different website but there is kids on here and I bet tons of kids on here now have nightmares. >:(

(Q) #8

Yeah, because this is SOOO lifelike, no offense OP

(SR) #9

Why would you film yourself crossing the street in the first place?

(Q) #10

Just incase something like this happens. Then you have proof, other than tire marks and blood


I don’t really like it. I find it strange.

(DOGS) #12

waaaaaay too fake. once you get hit you just sorta dissapear

(Jamesofyoyo) #13

How is that wrong.

I don’t think kids will get nightmares from this… well, maybe me. :stuck_out_tongue:

~James Reed!


was the blood bouncing at the end? :stuck_out_tongue:


after effects right? i actually like it alot. of course there can always be improvements, but i really like the splatter on the lens. maybe try take some body part images and have the remains in the puddle of blood.

(M²) #16

Actually if that were to happen, i don’t think there would be much blood, or any for that matter. It would just brake his legs… and maybe a few other bones.

(Q) #17

Yes because the shattered glass of a windshield and \\being thrown/ skidded across pavement will not result in any blood loss whatsoever


actually if you get hard enough a limb can fly off. say you stick your arm out and only your arm getss hit by the car which is going 80mph it would fly straight off causing blood to squirt outmassivley

(M²) #19

the glass didn’t shatter, and if it did there still wouldn’t be that much blood.