I want an off-string yoyo! *NEW POLL*


I know you dont need a special yoyo for off-string, but I dont want to beat up my other yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could leave suggestions, experience, advice, THANKS in advance! :smiley:

P.S. I do NOT want to spend alot so the cheaper the better! :wink:


I would gladly recommend the Fiesta. It’s extremely durable, spins for a very long time, enough for all 4A tricks. But it is a bit smaller than the Big-Yo, so if you’re going for landing the whips easily, Big-Yo great too.

But I’ve also heard multiple people recommend the Griffin Wing, it isn’t bad at all. It’s at 15 bucks which is one of the cheapest 4A yoyo I’ve seen.


I just ordered the griffin wing i will tell you how i like it when i get it.


Thanks for the help!

YoyoeXpert doesnt have any in stock. Are they going to get more? Do the still make them? Are they going to come out with another one?


I heard they’re comming out with a Fiesta XL. Bigger gap, prefered specs… but I don’t know when though. Or you can go to another store.


Sorry i reset the poll, but when i added the big ben it messed up the score. PLEASE VOTE AGAIN!


I got a fiesta to start on
It has a great spin time and it’s easy to whip


if you find a way to get your hands on an aquarius, that would be the way to go.


I saw that yoyoexpert recomends that one but i couldent find one in the store. Where do you get them from?


You might get it in the B/S/T or, rarely, maybe in one of the most random yoyo shops.


like here on page 7. http://BillyBobsBaitAndTackle.com/#!__store/yoyojam

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YYE recommended me to get a Fiesta. Since that’s not available, I’m going with the Fiesta XX instead.

That’s what I’m doing at any rate.


yeah just buy the fiesta XX it’s looks like it can handle any offstring tricks that you throw at it


go with a fiesta xx. looks nice
And honestly, I’m not that big of a fan of the aquarius. And $40 is way too much for it. if you can find one in the b/s/t, they’re okay, but I’ve liked other 4a yoyos much more. like the equinox.


Have you considered a yyj equinox?