I think my friends band is pretty good


please check out there youtube channel and sub if you want. Any opinions on it they want to know how they sound

channel on youtube- http://www.youtube.com/user/FlattLineBand

and sub if you want


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1LI0YKFakM - talent show and the singer is horrible


if you want guys you can check out my band at myspace.com/fiveinahand … or… look us up on facebook… Fiveinahand!! , we released our first album a couple of months ago. My name is Brian W. if you wanna check out some pics of me!! and im starting to incorperate some yoyoin into our set now which is a lil scary for me to do but REALLY fun at the same time!!

later duders!!!


check it!!


And that’s why they call it a “personal opinion”.

(M²) #6

he sounds kinda like a chipmunk trying to rap with a overdrive pedal in it’s mouth… but other than that it was good.


haha i know right. well everything else was good


To save my sanity i had to stop at the chorus… The guitar and drums were great but personally i think the guitarist had the tone knob rolled back a tad too far.

(winterjibber) #9

the first bands guitar was a little quiet. it made the drums drown out the music. plus black label society has the best guitar player in the world(zakk wylde) so they shouldnt make it quiet. also BLS is 100% heavy metal and there music should be loud