I think I know who the "eXpert" is!!!


Hhhmmm, I just looked at rsmod123’s favorites, it’s a YYE Edition Dark Magic!
The “eXpert” would get one of those, it has to be rsmod123!

(Shisaki) #2

ummm…the eXperts get a national master edition Dm :stuck_out_tongue:


They get the national master caps, not the actual yoyo.

(Shisaki) #4

They just get dumb caps…-.-

(Shisaki) #5

just checked, the actually get a DM with the national masters caps

This selected member will be sent a signed certificate as an official Forum Expert at YoYoExpert.com as well as a [u]Dark Magic bearing the special edition National Master caps[u/] (note: color of yo-yo will vary).


Yes, we get a normal Dark Magic just with National Master caps. And he did buy that YYE Dark Magic.

That doesn’t mean it’s not him, though. Just your reasoning doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, he bought it.

Also, reading that sentence, I realized I never got a certificate :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yeah! Me neither. ::slight_smile:

(system) #9

Its deffinately Jayyo. IMO


No, the eXpert gets a National Master Dark Magic, not a YYE Edition.


Drat! You found out >:( I can’t believe it, i thought my acting was good :’( Oh well Andre, i guess you can announce it now ;D

Just kidding, Just kidding. Its not me :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure its DYonch, GM User, xdohl or Jayyo.

No, if you saw some pictures/videos of Samad, Pheenix and Kim’s cases, their DM’s weren’t Nat Master Edition, they were random colored DM’s, and they had nat master caps.

Btw, i bought the YYE DM ;D


We should ask Jonas and Robert whether they got a certificate of not.

BTW: Ever notice how they’re not around? Jonas went on vacation but Doc is gone.

If you’re here:

eh, What’s up Doc?


There actually was a thread about this yesterday.