I need you guys to do me a favor


I have a homework assignment to make a collage using our spelling words. We have a spelling contract and have to do all these long tasks, and I’m on my last one! So, to make a collage I have to get the spelling words from a source and put it on a page.

Thats where you guys come in. I need you guys to make long sentences using the list of words I put in. Please try to use a veriety of sentences; complex, compound, etc. It would help if you guys highlighted the words in yellow, thanks. Please get it done today!

biography graph
astronaut astronomer
kilometers thermometer
geography photograph
centimeters autograph

Please highlight the word in the sentence in yellow
Also, please make the sentence have correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Thanks guys! :stuck_out_tongue:


With all ten words?


You are turning to the Internet for Homework help!?


How long would you consider long?


As long as you want, but not short :wink:

The internet is a source. If you dont want to participate, then dont reply

No, one word per sentence.

Thanks guys.


The astronaut, who was once an astronomer, has his own biography, which includes his autograph, various photographs of flights and even a picture of a thermometer taken into space, and a graph of the geography of the moon measured in kilometers and centimeters.

EDIT: One word per sentence, gotcha.


As they sighted the famous celebrity, a diverse crowd of people gathered around and held out paper to request an autograph.

My family waited to hear the shutter of the camera lense that told us that the photograph had been taken.

To research for my report, I borrowed a biography about [insert person name here] from my local library.


Keep them coming please! This is due tomorrow!!!

Remember, one word per sentence!


The words biography, photograph, autograph, and geography have graph in them; astronomer and astronaut have to do with space; and finally kilometers, thermometer, and centimeters all have to do with measuring.


I’m just quoting the sentences cause I’m about to print them out. Thanks guys!


Okay, finished! Thanks a lot guys - You rule! :smiley: