I need help with WMM.


I have had some problems with frame dropping when capturing video from my camera to the computer and I was wondering how can I fix this? which capture mode should I use. help appreciated.



(Runez4lyf) #3

I use sport mode for fast complicateed moves


okay, where is that located?


Samad where are you?


It might just be your computer being slow or something.


I apologize. However, I can’t assist you on this, sorry.


my computer may be old but I have the same problem using Pinnacle Studio 8. (my dads)


actually, you can. what camera do you use? (if any of you think that this has no relavance then this actually does.)


Does this still happen after it has been uploaded?


trust me, I would not have made this topic if I had problems after upload.
so yes, this does persist after upload.


Can you show me an example?


okay, tomorrow I will prepare a sample for inspection.


and here is the example.
I used the best quality playback for my computer capture process.


Looks fine to me. I don’t see any problems.


the quality before upload looks like a HD video.
the quality after upload looks like that.
plus there are frame drops in that too.


That is YouTube for you.


Also, can you attach the original video file?


F:\David Sneed\Video\inpectionn.wmv does this work?


I don’t understand.


sorry, I was not done typing when it started to post, I guess I pressed something.