I need help.NOOB ALERT


Okay so im ordering somestuff from another site(sorry andre)lol but im ordering a dv888 axle and im 99.99% sure that its a fundametal but i need to make sure so i order the right thing so if not what type of yoyo is the dv888.Please hurry


Yeah, the Dv888 is a FundaMETAL. It should fit, it’s the correct axle. :wink:

(yoyo jake) #3

lunitic ill sell you one for $1 shipped


You can get the same thing at hardware stores for less than $1.


Shhhh! They are always watching :wink: lol jk, but yeah you can’t get them at any hardware store for like 50 cents.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

i get my general-yo axels for like 20 cents.