I knitted a case for my DM yoyo


Another hobby of mine is knitting (I’ve been knitting since march).

Since I bring my yo-yo everywhere I go, and the pockets on my pants don’t seem to hold anything bigger then a credit card, I’d figure I’d knit something to hold my yoyo:

(Please forgive the low quality of the photos)

A friend of mine thinks I should start selling them, but I’m not sure anyone would want to buy them… :wink:

I’d would love to hear what you think about it!


Tghat looks awsome, I would love to buy something like thAT, BUT i’M BROKE. :-\ :stuck_out_tongue: :-[


That looks nice! Honestly, I wouldn’t buy it because I wouldn’t use it (I don’t carry my yo-yo around), but I’m sure there are other people here who would.


Well, if you weren’t broke, what would you be willing to pay? ;D ::slight_smile:


That’s awesome. All of my yoyos fit in my pockets when I do choose to carry one or two around, but if this weren’t the case I would buy all the ones you had =P.

If you choose to sell them, look at the price of the materials plus how much you think you should get for your time.


I wish my yoyo fit in my pocket, but alas, what I said about my pants holding nothing more then a credit card is true(not to mention it bends the credit card when I sit down. >:( :slight_smile:

As far as what it costs me, I’d have to look that up. All my yarn and buttons were X-mas gifts. :slight_smile:


I certainly would, but it would depend on the price also.


That’s what I’m asking, in your opinion, what do you think it’d be worth?

plus, would you like a band to go around your neck (like mine) or maybe on a belt loop or something?


I think a few bucks, it’s your product, so I can’t judje the price. How much effort you put into making it and the quality of the product will be the main ways of making a fair price for it.


Thank you everyone for your positive feedback! :smiley:


You could make the bottom part and then make the top parts to order, assuming you make some to sell, but I personally would rather have it be something to put on a belt loop.


That’s a good idea.

I also thought I could put a pocket on the side to hold string.


That is really cool! I’d say that it would be worth like $15 or more (I suck at pricing). Depends on the materials and quality though.


One thing I would say to improve it a bit is try to knit some paper or something into it so that is more air tight and wouldn’t get as dirty. Maybe even something that is water tight and then it would be a super case! =P

(JayVee) #15

That case looks cool! I’d buy one if I can, so I won’t have to feel uncomfortable sitting with my DM in my pocket during class. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be cool!

but what kind of paper are you talking about?

as far as finding a material that is water proof I’ll have to look into that! :slight_smile:


I can’t think of anything waterproof that would work well but I’m not all here right now. As far as paper, you could just use regular paper or possible some thin cardboard.

(JayVee) #18

If you need something waterproof, why don’t you use an old umbrella or raincoat that no one uses anymore?


That’s a good idea.

Although I don’t have any old raincoats or umbrellas, I most likely could find that type of material at Joanns or something.

(Mitch) #20

Alot of dollar stores sell rain ponchos that you could cut up…