i just got dumped


hey guys my girl friend just dumped me over a text


lol over txt message, thats pitiful lolololol


Even though this is in unrelated, I still feel its still spam.

(Mitch) #4

We need some more details… Like I can understand her if like the text was any of the following:

“Hey babe… I just joined the American Communist party!”
“Hey there hot stuff, I just wanted to let you know I no longer have any respect for you at all…”
“I’ve found some one else… Her name is… G5…”

But really, I understand your upset but this is somthing to rant about at lunch to the guys, or to your mom or siblings… Not your online yoyoing community…

Good luck moving on… If a text set the relationship over the edge… that means the relationship wasn’t worth it…


I agree with Paolo, but I’m still going to say this: I don’t think that “dating” (and I call it “dating” because it really isn’t dating, just social status stuff) should be done in or before high school. What are the chances that anything good will come from having a girlfriend in 8th grade? Might as well just be good friends with lots of people. How often would you marry the person you start “going out with” in 8th grade, early high school, or even senior year of high school? Not very often.

(Mitch) #6

I feel the same way! Every one is always so suprized when so and so and so and so break up after four days and Im like… Saw it coming…


Oh I don’t even pay that much attention. If people start talking about “couples” I stare into space or think about yoyo tricks or think about what homework I have lol.


yah none of that stuff is real everybody likes somebody except for me so im weird…