for some reason I can’t see the pictures :o

nice work on the mod, you untapped skills there.

Hey guys, as you can see I did an allaround satin on this thing! It looks sick! It plays even sicker! (sicker? Hmmm… not in my dictionary. :P) I am guessing it weighs like 64.8 grams! The pics don’t give this thing anough credit. It looks WAY better in person! I might get it anoed, and hopefully beadblasted by my bud.

Coolness. How bad does it vibe?

Not that bad. You can’t feel it on the string but you can on a grind.

That axle does not look good there, lol. But the yoyo looks really cool now. You know you can buy axles for fundaMETALS on YYN.

Really cool,it would be cool if you put hubstacks on it. Probably not possible though.

Yeah lol! I busted the axle so I used my pgm axle. I just ordered a regular axle for this thing on Friday. Hopefully it will come today. I might pay Alex Kim to ano this thing. (I know how people feel about him don’t bring it up.) I will hopefully get an ano like the red with the bandana I! Or the acid wash, or just whatever. (Go to the glasslab.com and scrool down to see what I mean about the red bandana ano.)

Oh, heres an idea! I might get a tt axle and stick it in the Hectic! Then it would have spikes! ;D

Wow, I was just on yyn looking at how to hubstack it. How ironic that you should say that lol!

Wow, I am getting no answers to this hubstacking thing. I know it takes sick skills but I want to see if I could stack it.

So far, this is all the info I have lol:
whoops, I removed link, sorry, forgot about this rule for a sec. :-[

That would be so awesome if you could hubstack it. But, it could give it vibe. Vendetta does some really sick annodizing jobs, if you’ve ever heard of him.

Yeah I’ve heard of vendeta. But Alex would be cheaper because I know him. He might even ano it for string.

The Hectic already vibes. I think I figured out how to hubstack it on my own. I just need to go to Lowes or something when my dad gets home. I might even Z stack it! That would be sick!

OH MY GOSH!!! I HUBSTACKED MY HECTIC!!! :o The Z stacks made it have a weird heart beat but the hub stacks work just fine! Here’s a pic!

Man, youve got patience! I tried to do that to my FHZ, and I got soooooo bored, I cut the proccess short! good job, man!

That looks sick! You know, it’s not a Hectic anymore, really, so you should name it something awesome. It’s a tottally different yoyo.

Me and my ideas. Just kidding I bet you were looking before I posted. Well looks great, have fun with it!


I call it… The Perscription! Kinda goes well with the Sick String name.

I can tell it incresed the weight though. Allthough I like lighter yoyos, I still love The Perscription! If I ever make a yoyo company, I have dibs on the name Perscription Yoyos! ;D

You mean Prescription.

Lol Yeah! (And yet I wonder why I only have a C in English class.)

you should put up more pics, i want to see the whole thing in angles. good job with the whole thing.

Yeah. You’re going all out of this haha.