I have this weirdish bite.


Like a mosquito bite. Only it’s around 2.5 in in diameter. It hurts a little to touch too. I’ve been using iodine on it. And a bandage. It has gotten a little bigger though. Help?


Ask your parents/doctor.


Fast. I was wondering if I had to go to the doctor. My dad wants to squeeze it out. :-[ But so far only iodine to disinfect.


Squeezing it out might work. If you don’t want to do that, go to a pharmacy section at Wal-Mart or CVS, etc… and ask if there is anything there.

It shouldn’t be too big a deal though.
Do you know exacly what bit you?


This is really important. I would hold off on squeezing it. Give us a few pictures. Lets see if we can tell what it is.


Sounds like a spider bite. DO NOT let him squeeze it. He could cause the poison to go inward instead of out. No more iodine. only use neosporin. No bandaid. Also it is probably a little warm to the touch right? Put a cool wet rag on it to cool it off.


AHHHH poison

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Doesnt sound too good, Id go to the doctors.2.5 inches is big. Jw, what part of the country do you live in? Im from MA and we not have alot of big insects.
Anyways, who woulda knew yo-yo forums give medical advice?


i’ve seen some pretty big mosquitoe bites. my nephew get weird bites all the time that swell over the majority of his arm on one side. its weird >.>

From what you said it sounds like a spider bite. Yea, what part of the country do you live in? are there two tiny little holes on the bite? pics plz. (i cant believe im saying that…)


Looks like an enlarged mosquito bite… it’s down to around 1/2 inch though.


neosporin is awsome, cuts bite, I always use it on any scratch etc. And just a mini note, Now I don’t but I used to get maybe 5in or a little bigger at the peak in diameter from mosquito bites. :o


I use superglue for my cuts. It’s going down though… if it gets worse I’m going to the doctor.


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Also, just to note, instead of having someone squeeze anything, goto your local pharmacy and ask for lancets, lance your injuries that need to be popped and/or drained to be sure not to cause any undue damage, and yes it does hurt lancing something. :stuck_out_tongue: