I hate fire drills


i think there silly and just waste time more than anything yeah i bring this up because most of my posting right now is during governmet class at school because i multi task and we have computers and i get bored


I love’em! They waste lesson time, and we can slack :stuck_out_tongue:

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i agree. but on the other hand yoyobum you sound like my teacher lol

sorry just had to say it. no offence ;D


I like it when they say, “Duck and cover!” or something like that. They’ve gotten them mixed up multiple times at my school. (“They” being the school administrators.)


I don’t get those. When we have a fire drill we go out to the grass field. I mean isn’t grass flammable? If we stay out there we will all get burned.


I am assuming your grass is alive. Live (green, pretty much) grass is not flammable. However, dead grass is. Even if you have some dead grass, I am sure your school administrators thought about it in order to provide your safety, so you will be okay.


The 5th Graders get to go to the parking lot so we are safe… unless the fire blows up all of the Gasoline Tanks!!!


I think fire drills are important. It’s good to be able to go on automatic during an emergency. Otherwise you might run around and bump into each other or do something odd and dangerous just because you get confused by the drama of a real emergency.


Haha, in my school, one of my classmates “accidentally” pressed the “break if fire” glass. Then, the fire alarm was going off.

Instead of everyone panicking, we were just playing games, because it was our free period. It was like no one even noticed that the alarm was a fire alarm, and my friend was like
“I seriously wanna blow that thing up. Its so annoying!”
“Yah! Stupid alarm lah! Can the school even afford an alarm? They might as well just sell it!”
Teacher comes “Students, this is not a drill, please pack up your bags and leave immediately.

Holy crud, even the teachers don’t know what we’re supposed to do in a fire!

So yeah, fire drills are important. If that was a real fire, we all would have died.


There was a kid in the bathroom when a kid pulled it once and the little kindergardener in the bathroom was freakning out and was crying for like 20 minutes, so I think they are important.


i agree. but on the other hand yoyobum you sound like my teacher lol
haha thats funny cause next fall im going to college for education and its not offencive

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We don’t need fire drills at our school. They just happen randomly, by people pressing the fire alarm.


Imagine if there was a real fire and a little kid was taking a crap and a teacher comes in and rips him off the bowl and brings him outside naked. That would be FUNNY!


Yeah, it could be comical, however here at YoYoExpert, we would appreciate if you kept swear words out of your posts.

Thanks a lot :smiley:


How is that a swear word?!?!?!? Sorry anyways.


Yea, call it “Waste” or “Poop”



Y is this site so “G” rated with their posts i sometimes is really hard cuz im a frequenter of 4 chan

yea fire drill are kinda dumb but my high school spends lie literally 30 min getting out to the field and another 30 checking the kids all the more time to play with mai DM