I got a typewriter for $5 in perfect working condition

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Thats… nice… I got a typewriter once, free too. Even came with a nice breifcase, don’t know what happend to it. As for it being better than a magnum, that is a matter of opinion.

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I would take a Magnum over a typewriter any day. But, congratulations though, that’s pretty cool.


mine came in a breifcase too…maybe the guy who sold it to me, stole it from you…meybe he stole your pgm too :smiley:

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Oh i have the breifcase, just not the typewriter, i use the breif for my magic the gathering cards.

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Almost anything is better than a magnum.


General yo haterrr.


He loves it so very much, that he started to hate it.

So… he Overloved it.

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Got a problem with it?


Awesome, I wish I had a typewriter and got it for 5 bucks!


It doesn’t affect me personally, of course, but it does strike me as rather odd to define oneself in terms of one’s dislike for a thing, rather than in terms of what you like or in some other positive way. I can imagine, based on your large signature, that some folks would think of you as “that guy who hates General-Yo.” I can’t imagine it being desirable to want to be identified in that way, but whatevs.


the magnum destory’s the typewriter and no not everything is better than the magnum! magnum is awsome!


do you play with it over a soft area with short string? I hate dings :frowning:

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How can anything be better than this: