I got a cat!!!!!


I GOT A CAT!!! ;D Her name is Sprinky! Here’s the story. It was my neighbors cat.(It likes us more) Then she was going to move! I went to school on her last day here. I ran to the nurse crying my eyes out! I called my dad and asked if I could keep her. He said she would be home after school! ;D ;D ;D ;D When I got home the real owner was gone! The cat stayed with us!!! ;D YAAAAYYYY!! Here are some pics… The first one is her in my sisters bed… ;D The second one is her on a blanket… The third one is me picking her up… And the fourth one is her acting all creepy like! ;D


Kitty! I raise Kittys and give em away :smiley: ;D


haha Thats so cute! But i just don’t like cats ;D Im allergic to them :-[


We’ve always had cats when we’ve had pets and my old neighbor had…5 of them I think. Cats are awesome. Plus the big ones (AKA lions and tigers and panthers (oh my!)) are cool.


Thank you so much!! ;D


I love cats!But my dad is allergic to them…


I have 3 kitties!

They are awesome!!

Your’s is cute!


How cute. what’s the name?

(JonasK) #9

Hate to be a mood killer, but my cat just ate the guts of a bird.





Yeah, she only does that to butterflies and squirrels.


Cool cat! But the thing I can’t believe is that your a guy and you ran to the nurse crying? Dude.


It hit me very hard. She was moving to a house in Russia.Dont you have feelingS???!!


Yeah. Guys are supposed to be tough. (Should be) Girls do that sissy stuff. Its a cat! Get over it! Its not like your family is going to stay there and abandon you!

(Shisaki) #15

Its emotions, not trying to sound mean but dont just call people wussies and sissies just because he just got emotional at that time. It happens to everyone and I’m sure you cried at least 30 times in your lifetime.


Thank you for seeing it my way! :slight_smile:

(Shisaki) #17

No prob :wink:


That may just be the most sexist thing ever.

I am not afraid to show my emotions and I don’t care. If people think you are a wussie because you show your emotions then they should consider their own emotions. You have cried at LEAST 200 times in your life. A cat is a living thing and letting it die and feeling to emotions would be like going to a pet shop and shooting a cat.

And I probably cry more than 50% of girls and if there is something wrong with that then go ahead and say because I express myself and don’t care what anyone else says about me.

(_|@<06) #19

totally agree, when my dog died i cried so freakin hard…

(Runez4lyf) #20

That is the cutest thing ever!

mine died 2 months ago…,. :frowning: