I am back :)

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Hi all.

I am back from a SUCCESSFUL surgery!

The tumor was easily removed, I was able to leave the hospital today, and am now resting at home.

I feel quite sick right now, its normal, the doctors said I would feel like I have a bad head cold for about 2 weeks.

LOL, I look terrible, the meds make me look, and feel odd.

I hope to able to yoyo again in about a week.

Quick note to anyone trying to buy yoyos from me, I can’t send out stuff at the moment, but I will try to get one of my friends to help me with that.
You will get your stuff.

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes of luck.

I cant wait to get back to yoyoing and doing everything I usually do!
(I learned a new song on guitar the day before I left for surgery, and now I can’t practice it haha).

Later guys!




Welcome back!!!

Let me know about that K-os, I can wait.

(Johnny T) #3

I hope you’ll have a good rest. Good thing it was successful. Good luck recovering! :smiley:

Same here. Let me know about the G5 elite.


I didn’t hear about what happened, but I’m extremely glad to hear you’re recovering from your medical problems! I hope everything keeps going well for you :]
Best wishes,

(D@§h!zn!t) #5

Glad you’re ok man. ;D


Joshodular is back!


yeah, glad ur back hope you will recover fast!


Glarb, your back!




(Mitch) #10

Yay! Welcome back Jay…

NO!! No break from yoyoing!

Nah, just playing… Take it easy man!

oh, and what song did you learn?


Grats on the successful surgery :slight_smile: Hope you recover soon ;D

(Waylon) #12



Congrats man. Im Glad it went well! Get better soon!

(Ryan) #14

finnaly your back!!congratSSS