how to post pics


so how do I post pics in the signature box???

Right below


You seem to have already found out how to add text to that box so we’ll skip that part. If you haven’t already, go upload your picture to an image hosting website. Right click on the hosted image, click on Copy Image Location. Go to where you would add text for your signature, then where you want your image to be put image tags in and paste the images location between the image tags. Your final result should look like this:

your image's url here

for example, my signature looks like this:


ok thanks


what wait i did that but it just put the link

(SR) #5

Yeah it’s just the link up. You need to put this:


BTW, that photo is WAY to big for a siggy. You might have to resize it.


You forgot the image tags (see my original reply). Please don’t use that image either. It is way to big. instead just paste this in your signature:


well I give up on that matter also how do You upload you tube vids


i didnt understand this at first but metal man helped me out.