how to post pics?


im having trouble getting ppics from photobucket to apper on my thread ive tried and tried but um also in pics i see like completly whit backrounds and side what do they make like a box for pics out of paper and take the pic when the yoyos is in front of the white box or what ever someone please help me


To post a picture all you need to do is copy the image location (right click on the picture you want to post, then click “Copy Image Location”). Then paste (right click “Paste” or Control+V or Command+V on a Mac) that between image tags:

put image location here

The second thing, it sounds like you are talking about a light box. Pictures like the one bellow are usually taken with a light box.

You can make your own for extremely cheap. Such a light box might look like this:

[Read this] to see how to make your own.