how to post a link


does anyone how to post a link

(Shisaki) #2

When you post a thread or reply right about the smilies you will see 2 bars, on the bottom bar the 3 icon will say hyperlink and when you press it you will see something like [url] [url]
Put your URL right in between those.


you have been a great help thank u ;D


Yes, but the URL tags become unecessary if you do that.

To post a link neatly, you can just post it like this,

By just pasting the link.

If you want it to look more pro, just do this.

[url=]YoYoExpert Forums[/url]

YoYoExpert Forums

Use this template:

[url="Website URL"]Words you want to replace it with[/url]

Remember, whenever putting a url tag, remember to close it with a /url, not a url.

Thats why I had so many problems making this post, because Shisaki didn’t put in any /url tags to his url tags.
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I’m gonna try it:

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