How To get Rid Of Monitering


Hey… I was wondering if there was anyway to get rid of someone looking at your computer through theirs. My bro’s getting annoying.


Yeah, go ahead and remove the surveillance software he’s loaded on it.

My guess is you’ve got something like Back Orifice or NetBus sitting on your PC. The real trick here is that depending on the client, something like an anti-virus program might not detect it as a threat.

You’ve got some work cut out for you.

If you need detailed help, I can try to assist you in this thread. I can’t make promises we’ll be successful, though.

The very first thing I would do is run a virus scan, then take a look at my running programs (Task Manager) and my Add/Remove Programs menu and look for ANYTHING similar to the following list…

Should your search turn anything up, before you do ANYTHING ELSE, post what you’ve found in this thread. With details.

Edit: A painful, but viable, option would be to simply format the machine and reload your OS (Windows, I assume?) from disk. Then, lock your computer down and allow no one but yourself access to it.


Thanks. I searched up Net Bus, and wiped it out. How do you put a password on your computer? I did it, but it keeps on skipping the password screen.


This will work for windows comps.

First, go to the start menu, go to control panel. Click on “user accounts”, then if it goes to another page, press user accounts again. Press “Change an account”, click on which one you want(Administrator i think) then press create password.

If you are using a mac, can’t help you :frowning: Post if you have anymore questions.

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Ugh… our teachers are using moonscape to monitor us at school. Any way to stop that. And yes we’ve tried to delete it, but you need a password to access and control moonscape.


lol school comps are very restricted. They probably blocked all possible ways to delete it.


There’s a way that might get you suspended. Here: