How To: Custom Signature?


Hey guys!

I’m seeing a lot of custom signatures lately, and I wonder, how do you make them? I see a yoyo, with a picture, and your name on it, and lots more. Samad’s for example, how’d you do that? And, after you make it, how do you upload it to be your signature?


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To make a signature, you have a couple options:

1.  Create the image yourself, using an image editing program like Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc. (You can even use MS Paint if you are so inclined)

2.  Use a banner creation tool from a website like  I prefer banners over actual signature makers because they are not as limited as far as I can tell.  Just make sure that you can download it after you are finished in a .jpeg or similar format.

I would reccommend making your own if you can, that way your only limitation is your ability to manipulate the software you are using.  If anyone wants help using Photoshop, PM me.

Note:  I would use something close to 500 px(w) by 100 px(h) if you make your own.  This reduces the overall file size but still gives you enough space to showcase your creativity.

Kim-Lan already has a fantastic tutorial on how to upload/embed pictures:,807.0.html

Signature help!
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I’ve actually been looking for a new siggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone make me one? Only requirements I have is for it to have my 09 Aqua 888 on it, and my name in a cool font :smiley:

(JM) #5

I’ve been on a roll lately, I’ll try.

Favorite Colors?


Black and blue. I suppose I would like the color scheme to go with the 888 that I have :slight_smile:

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09 888 has those neon green hubstacks right?


No, I got the first original Aquas. They have white hubstacks, its this one:

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(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

Oh I want a Siggy! :]
Can you make me one too JM?

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In my opinion the one in the quote is better than the one in Samad’s signature.
EDIT: Better than Samads signature NOW. (The one with the Aqua 888, not the um black one.)

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Hey JM, did you make Samad’s in Banner Fans (I used that too.) If so, how did you get the yo-yo in there?

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I made one for YYE including a link to the site! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure he uses Photoshop.

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Thanks to JM, and his suggestion of BannerFans, I could create my signature and avatar! Thnaks, JM!

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Well I’ve been making sigs for 2 years. I use GIMP and Photoshop. You can start by using pictures and adding background color/text. Here are some of my work. You know that this is mine cause my name is Johnny T


I actually like mine now because it has my edition of 888.


Try tricking it out more and making it longer. Keeps the lettering because they look awesome!!


It actually is longer, but it got all compressed in my siggy.

(JM) #20

You can edit the image size within the code to “uncompress” it