How to crush a can with your bare hands



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I do not recommend this as you may not end up with working fingers when the Aluminum slices them off.


Proven most effective way to unintentionally /wrists.


its not easy to make the aluminum cut you, its actually quite flexible. you might get sharp edges but not sharp enough to cut, and definitely not sharp enough to cut off fingers.

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This is very true.

Dont listen to Zomah


First of all, the person in the video needs to cut their nails.
Second, that’s a very dangerous way to do it. You’re definitely risking severe cuts doing it that way.

A much better way:

Imagine the top circle of the can as the face of a clock.
-On the bottom of the can, place the thumb of one hand at the 6 o’clock position and the remaining 4 fingers at the 12 o’clock position about 1/3 of the way up the can.
-On the top of the can, place the other thumb at the 3 o’clock position and the remaining 4 fingers at the 9 o’clock position about 1/3 of the way down the can.
(When done correctly, your hand positions will be at right angles.)
-Squeeze the thumb and fingers of each hand together. The can will be collapsed to about 2/3 of its original size.
-Next, at the 3 o’clock and the 9 o’clock positions, place the 4 fingers of each hand on the top edges of the can with the bottom of the can firmly wedged in the heels of each hand and squeeze. The can should now be about 1/3 of its original size. (You could also just put the top and bottom between your palms and squeeze if you want to use those brawny chest and arm muscles as well.)

This way, there’s no twisting and tearing. You still want to be careful. I’ve done it thousands of times over the years and have rarely seen a rip or tear in the aluminum and have never been cut.

  1. i dont have to cut my nails if i dont want to
  2. ive been doing this for years and i havent gotten one cut. i just deliberately tested it purposly scraping my finger against a sharp edge, and it only created a little pinching feeling. no blood, no tearing of skin.

edit: also if you have common sense its not dangerous at all

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Are there people who have actually hurt themselves while crushing cans? Just knowing how a can works is really enough to not hurt yourself.

I thought crushing cans was common knowledge.

Recycling <3


easer method


  1. place can on foor
  2. raise foot over can
  3. stomp

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I think ill live with adventure and do it zomah’s way. I mean really its just an empty can. No need do be all defensive. And sorry but you should cut your nails their a little long. My nails grow like a mm in 2 months.


psh…crushing cans is for women

Now thats a real man sport!*

*m888 is not held responsible for anyone’s stupidity


that guy looks a little like my gym teacher! not the face but you know


FINALLY! someone who understands! a can cannot hurt you unless your an idiot!

this guide how to crush a can with your hands. if you do that your a sissy =/

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Or you can recycle it and get a shiny nickel :stuck_out_tongue: . It won’t fit in the machine if it’s been crushed…

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FINALLY! someone who understands! a can cannot hurt you unless your an idiot!

this guide how to crush a can with your hands. if you do that your a sissy =/
More like just us being safe, and you trying to show how awesome you are when really the easier way to do it is to just stomp it.
Understand rubber band?

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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I just use the can crusher i have attatched to the wall of my garage. It takes half a second. But seriously, i can’t believe you guys are making a such a big deal over a soda cans… Do you have nothing else to do but argue?


thats what i was saying. If you cant live with cuts on your hands then dont yoyo. Ive hit my hand so many times and the worst i got from a soda can is leftover soda spilling on my fingers.


my friend did this at lunch cut his finger and had to get stitches. He went through 7th 8th and 9th pd gushing blood and didn’t know why it wasn’t stopping and had to go to the hospital.

Epic Win ^ my friends an idiot


well you friend is