How to be Ninja


Check it out!!!


Thats not real ninja. The only true ninjas in this world are Kazuhiko Akiyama, Yuuji Urushihara and Makoto Nagano.

3:29 Look at the amazing amount of stomach muscle he has!
4:50 Look at the amazing amount of strength he has, supporting his whole body with his fingertips.

That is true ninjaness.


LOOOOL!!!Soo funny…



(JonasK) #5

They will never learn.

(Shisaki) #6

I did! ;D


That is so inaccurate. They forgot about the throwing stuff with perfect aim!

Throws star and misses. Hits Samad in the eye


Luckily, I can regrow my eye.


I can regrow internal organs. They become wood like a pirate’s leg.


Wow, this is VERY old.

I saw this a long time ago.


I saw that when i was 6… Oh wait… nevermind. But yeah, its kinda old, I’ve seen it years ago, and appeared on the forums before. Twice.

(Ryan) #12

lol samad i bet your jealous of those ninjas there haha…


Why would he? Those ninjas can barely do what I can do…

(Ryan) #14

lol last time i use to watch this show once a week…


lol Now im watching it once a week, every thursday. I wonder if there are any DVD’s.


Of who?

(JDrocks!) #17

im not a ninja im a black belt and practice real ninjitsu .

But im not a ninja