how smart are you?


heres some random questions and you gotta answer them to see how smart u are. i will ask 10 questions and this is how your ranked

8-10= know it all
6-7= pretty smart
4-6= not to smart
3 and under= your really stupid or sleeping

today is thursday and i will give the answers on thursday of this week, lets see how smart you are (this test is totally unaccurate so dont be sad if you get a bad score ;D )

  1. what is half of 250?

  2. how many keys are on the key board? (not the instrument)

  3. how mant black keys are on the piano?

  4. how many states boarder the pacific ocean?

  5. what shape does every mount in yoyoing make?

  6. Unscramble the letters to make a name of a new yoyo. arcnfit

  7. who was the second president of the united states?

  8. what section of the yoyoexpert trick guide is the trick “suicide” in?

  9. solve- 2-4+5+7+3-4+9-12+17-2+78-56=

  10. spell dictionary.

extra credit- do you think question 10 was hard?

  1. 125
  2. It depends. Different keyboards have different amount of keys. Laptops don’t have Numpads, and they have a second function of keys, to save space.
  3. It depends on how big the piano is.
  4. 2
  5. A polygon.
  6. Frantic.
  7. John Adams.
  8. Expert part 1.
  9. 43
  10. Dictionary.


well i guess this didnt work out sense now people can see your answers and copy them. so i will lock this topic and the correct answer for 5 is triangle with your hand, hand, and yoyo.