How many yoyos you have (poll)


How many yoyos have in your collection? ???


Last I checked, I had like 28 I believe. :smiley:


Before or after the obscene amount of money I spent on yoyos for black friday! Haha


26+1 coming in mail=27, but ten of them are cruddy, fireballs, butterflies, home made, (out of lego), imperials


15-19, but love them all.


i have like eight.


26 right now.


I have 16. Plus a revenger and peak in the mail. So 18. That’s not counting all my plastics though.




More… Waaay more. :slight_smile:


A bunch. :wink:

(WildCat23) #12

I have my 7 bearingized throws, plus my 2 home made ones, plus my raider and a stainless steel transaxle yoyo.

And i formerly had a big ben.


Really, I should have maybe 40, but almost half of those broke from stupid modding attempts or just plain dinging them.


A little over 600.


Yikes! I thought my ~200 was obnoxious! :slight_smile:


maybe 80+


Yeah Shaun is a little nuts over yoyo’s. :wink: I’m with you on this one Vegabomb.


Hah, most of them are promotional/old school plastics/woods. Not worth much to anyone but me. I’ve got around 50 in the high end/collectible range. I have a problem, I know :slight_smile:


It’s a good problem. If you aren’t going into serious debt them buy away. someday I’ll come over and finally see them all. Just gotta get that car!


If you are talking high end yoyos i have about 23 Counting old antique duncan collectibles and etc. then maybe 60.