How many adults we got up in here????


I’ve been lookin around and seems like there are TONS of kids on here(most of them who seem to be 1000x better than me) so i was wonderin how many 18+ members we have here? Just to help me feel better about being an adult who plays with yoyos hahaha ;D


I’m 24 I suck too.


thats how old i am…some of these kids make me wanna put the yoyo down all together lol


Don’t, they just have more free time.


Indeed we do. School, sports, homework, yoyo, eat, study, sleep.


trust me…the older you get…the busier it gets haha im not too far removed from high school lol


age 56. younger yoer’s may be better than me, but i guarantee they don’t have more fun. my grandkids and the kids on the block enjoy my attempts at the yo. the wife still thinks it’s dumb.


You sir are EPIC


33 and still throw’n like a mad man!!! :smiley:


33 and I throw every day!

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Fresh into adulthood, and still throwing.


38 and still going strong. Well other than the usual pains. Lol
I mean I’m such a Togo nerd I’m an admin on a Togo forum if that tells you anything.

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23 here.


Turning 20 in January and I’m just getting into it so seeing a bunch of 12 year olds school me is intimidating and funny. But makes me want to get even better.

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Been 18 for a month and a day…


I’m 20 and still learning!


nice to see that im not as alone as i thought haha long gone are the days i spent in middle school…when walk the dog was the “it” trick…o how i hate walk the dog…



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I am not the answer to your prayers. I’m sorry.